Forgot Your Password?

Forgot your password and can’t log into Cellulose? No worries! Just click on Forgot Your Password? here and enter your login email address.

Navigating to Forgot Password

Forgot Password

An email with a password reset link will be sent to you if a Cellulose account is associated with it.

Password Resets

Some basic account security settings are accessible via the top header bar.

Navigating to Settings

Navigating to Settings

Two-factor authentication support is coming soon! Please refer to our Roadmap documentation below on the most up-to-date ETAs for such security features.

Profile Settings

You can also change other details like adding a full name here so your collaborators can better identify you on the same workspace / organization.

Profile Settings

While names are optional, adding one to your profile lets us render nicer Avatar icons and associated “used by / updated by” table columns by name! Pretty cool :)

Light and Dark Mode (Beta)

Check out our light and dark mode support under the Appearance settings tab!

Light Mode

Light mode

Dark Mode

Dark mode

Cellulose defaults to light mode by default. Unfortunately, this setting isn’t propagated to our backend so it doesn’t persist across browsers, let alone devices.

This feature is still in beta as we’re still ironing out the kinks (colors), especially in dark mode. You may find that certain color contrasts make it a little harder to read than it should be. We’ll sort it out soon!

Have questions / need help?

Please reach out to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.