Cellulose provides some basic organization mode support to help you and your AI teams collaborate quickly.

Creating an Organization

Navigate to the Organizations Accordion on the left sidebar and click on Create New Organization

Create a new organization

You’ll be asked to provide a new name for this organization and an optional description. We just went with the uh… less boring company

Organization Home

Organization Roles

You’ll notice right away that an Administrator organization role has been automatically created, with you being the sole member of it. This is true for all new organizations created - one organization role called Administrator, with you (and only you, for now) as a role member.

Organization roles enable teams to assign roles and permissions to specific activities on the Cellulose platform.

Feel free to create a few roles and add yourself to it/them!

Only members within the organization are allowed to join a specific organization role. We’re not able to add a user to an organization role if they’ve been invited but has not accepted their membership into the organization.

Organization Members

You can view all members of an organization by navigating to the Members tab.

Organization Members

Having just yourself in the organization isn’t fun, so let’s add a few more. You can invite new organization members by filling up the modal form with their email address. We’ll send them an invite link to join.

There’s a current technical limitation where only members already registered on Cellulose can be invited to join an organization. We’re revamping this now to account for folks who don’t already have an account, and the new workflow should address and resolve this issue very soon!

Organization API Keys

The API Keys tab contains API keys for future API use. They’re not used for any live Cellulose workflows yet.

Have questions / need help?

Please reach out to support@cellulose.ai, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.