Date: May 19, 2023


  1. ONNX-TensorRT version 8.6.1 compatibility checks now available as part of the Professional Plan! Check out the announcement blog post and full documentation here.

TensorRT Support

  1. Revamped layout at the Model editor header bar.
    • A lot less cluttered with model badges (model type, IR version, producer version etc.) to the left and filtering parameters (runtime selection, search bar etc.) on the right.

Model Editor Header Bar Revamp

  1. Better contrast and styling for the GraphNodeTray.
    • Better color diversity amongst the large list of support ONNX Operations.
    • Fixed darkened / hardly visible text while in Dark Mode.

GraphNodeTray Revamp

Better contrast and color support for Op tray

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix mismatched names on the Cellulose dashboard vs. Stripe billing profile.